A brand new wellness concept
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We wanted to change Vita´s position, from a somewhat cold, distanced and often mistaken for pharmacies, to a lifestyle destination with a renewed beauty concept that gives people the best in cosmetics combined with modern health, food and wellness products, as well as good advices and services.

The new concept aims to strengthen peoples sense of self, with a carefully selected product and service portfolio, and a strengthened focus on dialogue and advice, in a warm and inspiring environment where everyone feels at ease, where the room gives energy and radiates both warmth and trust.

The store concept is formulated around four main pillars:

  • A clear communication hierarchy that makes it easier for the customer to make a choice.

  • Create places and meeting points for good advice throughout the customer journey.

  • A reformulation of category compositions for a better shopping experience – ”good neighbours” provides better coherence.

  • A new display system for samples, which highlights and activates the products’ uniqueness.