A new 7-Eleven for modern city life
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Reitan Convenience7-eleven


Convenience Store Concept

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For Reitan Convenience in Sweden and Norway, we developed a new convenience format for 7-Eleven, focusing on healthy fast food to meet evolving customer behaviors and expectations. Our comprehensive approach included product line development, innovative display solutions, visual merchandising, space planning, and updated communication strategies. 

We emphasized elevating 7-Eleven’s food offerings with clear in-store communication, promoting deals like ”Pick and Mix Breakfast,” ”Meal Deals,” and ”Fika Combos” (coffee and baked goods).

Recognizing the blurring lines between work and leisure, we designed 7-Eleven as a hybrid between a kiosk, a small neighborhood store, and a food court, reflecting modern city life. 

Typeface by Samuelstype

Since 2020, Reactor has crafted the visual identity and instore campaigns for 7-Eleven Sweden, including the creation of the custom 7E-font family, featuring unique letter gaps inspired by the logo’s ”7.” This font family, alongside a distinctive script, ensures consistent and recognizable communication across all platforms.

We established a clear communication hierarchy and updated the color palette to enhance product visibility and highlight key categories like food, baked goods, and coffee, making it easier for consumers to navigate and enjoy the 7-Eleven experience.