From injured athlete to high performance comeback
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LFI Helse + trening


Rebranding and concept design


  • First studio opened fall 2022

Skills & services

Insight & strategyInterior design & planningBrand identityPilot & implementation3D visuals

LFI is a Norwegian rehabilitation & training studio where specialized physiotherapists, osteopathists, personal trainers and nutritionists help athletes recovering with the objective that atheletes shall come back stronger and perform better than before an injury. LFI approached Reactor for the brand development and physical concept design.

Communication is focused on abilities and possibilities with the objective to inspire patients to put in the extra effort to get well and to improve. Happy colors, motivational quotes and technical illustrations, creating an inspiring meeting place conveying LFI knowledge, passion and offerings.

Reactor worked to create a sensory experience where the caring side of rehabilitation harmonizes with the energy of intense physical training.

The first rebranded LFI location opened in Lillestrøm in the fall of 2022 where a team of 15 professionals offer a full line of rehabilitation treatments and a fully fledge fitness and training studio.