Empowering mainstream consumers to explore the world of ethnic cuisine
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Fudi brand & multicultural food stores


  • First pilot store fall 2022

Skills & services

Brand identityInsight & strategyConcept developmentInstore communicationWeb designRetail design & planningVisual identity3D visuals

Start-up factory Arta+ and the food loving Reactor designteam created the concept and brand FUDI. A unique new retail concept, where customers can indulge and botanize in the best of foods from all over the world. The first shop opened in the spring of 2023 at Holmen Senter outside of Oslo, and customers have been excited and plentiful.

Multicultural food stores now represent a Norwegian market segment worth NOK 3 billion, in Sweden SEK 14 billion. Mainstream consumers make up for +50% of sales in these stores. Arta+ saw the commercial potential in innovation to make shopping for authentic food fun again.

In this project we innovated on customer needs and merged the rational and easy shop concepts of the large grocery chains with the inspirational, playful and colourful expression of the cornershop. Both customers and FUDI wants exotic food to be fun! Easy navigation, easy shopping; indulge at FUDI!

Our project team has been hands-on on everything from naming and brand development, floor plans and display solutions, signage and instore communication to technical project support and management.

The store is organized with a main avenue starting with greens and veg in the middle, and smaller streets down to the right and left. In the middle customers will find campaign products and special interest items. Down in the streets the customers can indulge in specialist food items organized by origin and in the rear the customers can buy complete meals with fresh products in the coolers and freezers. 

The instore communication and graphics contribute to the playful vibe of the shop. From the visual explosion and storytelling of the signage and high level inspirational boards, to the rational and to-the-point expression of posters and price and product info. It was important to create visibility and an unique colour signature for a crowded shop environment.

The modern consumers clearly is keen to experiment and try new and exciting tastes and dishes. The success of the Fudi pilot store indicates that Arta+ has found a significant gap in the Scandinavian market. Multicultural cuisine retail formats is an exiting alternative to traditional discount stores.

Come to FUDI!