Creating a true omnichannel experience where strong bonds are created
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Flagship concept


  • 1 flagship store in Gothenburg 2018
  • 4 kitchen stores implemented in Sweden 2018 - 2019

Skills & services

Insight & strategyInstore communicationRetail design & planningIndustrial design3D visuals
For family-oriented people, creating strong bonds between family and friends is essential. And there is an obvious place for these meetings: the kitchen. This is the setting underlying our work to create a new retail experience for Marbodal’s kitchens with space for life, where food is an important ingredient. With this new concept, Marbodal has created a new destination where people go to be inspired and experience the total range of Marbodal´s line of products and services. A place to build trust and consumer confidence, through creating the lasting experience both before and after a purchase, of increased levels of service and knowledge.
To create a true omnichannel experience, Marbodal needs to present the same offer in all channels - and at every touchpoint. So regardless of format and size: the core elements of the store experience in the new concept are always consistent.
Clear and attractive service offerings enhance the perceived value and experience of the Marbodal brand. Creatively presenting services as physical products, naturally integrated into the customer journey to add value for both Marbodal and the customer.