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Coop NorgeObs Bygg


Power Tools category concept


  • Roll-out 54 stores in 2020

Skills & services

Insight & strategyConcept developmentInstore communicationRetail design & planningPilot & implementation3D visualsAR & VRConstruction & production
Scalable brand experience. The challenge for OBS Bygg was to facilitate brand power and product experience while building flexibility for both change and scaling so the store and the digital reinforce each other.

We wanted to create a coherent power tool universe that brought together all brands and price formats on the same foundation. This was done to make it easier for the customer to choose, compare and shop. We started by defining all brand formats as the store’s core - collecting them on scalable islands - with an accessory universe of function that supports and surrounds the islands. The islands are in the center of the department and the first thing the customer encounters when visiting OBS Bygg.

This strategy has provided a space optimization which means that OBS Bygg can offer a much wider range of power tools with regard to price and quality in all categories and functions.
The concept was developed and tested in collaboration with both the chain and the brands during the autumn of 2019 and rolled out in 45 stores in 9 weeks at the beginning of 2020. We are already beginning to see a sales increase of over 50% on power tools and a strong growth of over 30% in accessories and hand tools.
The integration of effect lighting into the solution ensures a precise and coherent experience and at the same time draws attention to the whole category in an otherwise rational retail format.
By integrating focus and activation points to the tool islands we have created an easy operational tool for season change and sales steering.