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Reitan Convenience AB and Pressbyrån are taking checkout- free shopping to the next level with Pressbyrån Go. This is the new smart store format from Reactor and Instant System that simplifies and improves everyday life for Pressbyrån’s customers.

At Pressbyrån Go, customers shop in a fast, easy and secure manner 365/24/7. The product line is tailored to the specific location of the store, for example a company’s HQ, a train station or an airport.
To enter the store, customers download the Pressbyrån Go app, create an account and connect their debit card. Customers open the gate by scanning an encrypted unique QR code on the Check-in screen, which is used to identify customers and link them to their purchases. From that moment on, items they pick up are automatically registered in a virtual shopping cart. Cameras in the ceiling are used to track customer movements within the store and the shelf-based sensors detect which items are picked up. When customers have finished shopping, they confirm their purchases on the check-out screen and then exit through the gate.
The Pressbyrån Go store format is the first Reitan Convenience checkout-free store in Sweden and enables them to attract and establish new, interesting locations. The first Pressbyrån Go convenience store was opened at the Reitan Convenience HQ in May 2020. The format enables Reitan Convenience to reach and service customers at many new and different locations.
Do you have any questions on how a checkout-free brick and mortar store works? Please contact us!