Visual identity for 7-Eleven Sweden
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Visual identity for 7-Eleven Sweden

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Visual identityBespoke typefacesInstore communication

Since 2020, Reactor has been entrusted by Reitan Convenience Sweden with developing the visual identity for 7-Eleven Sweden’s brand. Together with our development of the new store concept, we have also developed the overall visual identity and in-store communication for 7-Eleven. 

A clear communication hierarchy and updated color palette have been set up to strengthen the various categories. 

Motion design by Visual Art

In our work, we have designed the 7E-font family, a font made just for 7-Eleven! The font family consists of 3 weights and a rounded variant. 

The header typeface carries the characteristic gap in the letters taken from the ”7” in the logo. 

Typeface by Samuelstype

Together with a characteristic script, a clear character and personality have been created, making the communication recognizable in both in-store and external communication. 

Motion design by Visual Art

Making it easier for consumers to find what they are looking for, highlighting the products and deals in the best way, and communicating the strategically important categories of food, baked goods, and coffee.