When fast food is so good that you want
to enjoy it really slowly
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Restaurant concept


  • 27 stores implemented in the Stockholm area

Skills & services

Interior design & planningIndustrial design3D visuals
From fast take-out to sophisticated dine-in, Panini Internazionale is a Stockholm-based delicatessen featuring 28 restaurants, with 4-5 new ones being added every year. Located in areas with office buildings, Panini specializes in convenient lunch dishes based on very carefully selected ingredients. Reactor has been Panini’s concept and design partner for many years.

The latest Panini location in Stockholm is an enhanced version of the Panini concept, offering a different pace from its other restaurants. In order to keep its guests longer, they offer hot lunches and dinners, a fully licensed bar and extended business hours.

To build on its success as a chain offering “good food fast”, Panini wanted to enhance the restaurant experience it offers. Reactor has developed a new concept and design for the chain based upon increasing the scope of the customer experience.