Creating a brand identity representing strength, endurance, determination and energy
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Torshov Sport


Brand identity


  • 1 flagship store in Oslo. Europes largest football store

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Founded in 1935, Torshov Sport has over the years become the number one football specialty retailer for FOT´s in the Norwegian market. Built on the foundation of passion, knowledge, service and an incredible athlete network, Torshov Sport is the undisputed most connected and credible football destination in Norway.
The logomark design was inspired by the sculpture in Torshov. It was sculpted by Asbjørg Borgfelt in 1929. We have designed a distinctive stylized logomark from this that can be used in all types of printed and digital media, but which nevertheless retains the same characteristic pose of the Torshov Bull. The Torshov Sport Bull represents strength, endurance, determination and energy.
The logotype gains its character from the use of a diagonal cut that makes the letter "T" look like the head of a bull. The logotype has been designed from scratch, and uses Supermolot as a supporting font because it possesses certain similar characteristics.
The bull appears in several formats. Such as a whirl of grass and soil at Ullevål Stadium, a cloud of dust running across the Aamodt Bridge across the Akers River or down the stairs at Vulkan.