Creating a premier supermarket destination. For common people
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Coop NorgeCoop Mega


Supermarket concept


  • Five pilot stores in 2018
  • Roll-out of +70 stores 2019 – 2022

Skills & services

Visual identityInsight & strategyConcept developmentInstore communicationPackaging designRetail design & planningIndustrial designSignage & wayfindingGuidelines & manuals3D visualsPilot & implementation
Reactor was commissioned in 2017 to help Coop reinvent the supermarket segment in Norway through a major overhaul and repositioning of the Coop Mega supermarket stores. We positioned Coop Mega for every-one who loves to buy, prepare and share good food when their loved ones meet. With everything from an upscale supermarket. That is, without the insult pricing and the snobbery.
The Coop Mega butcherpapers primary use is of course to wrap fresh food in a way that Coop Mega is following the customer home all the way to the kitchen worktop, but it’s also a designelement with a wide range of usage.
Our imagination today determines our position in 2022, and to win we must be able to describe a solution that will be competitive and that will resonate among the people who will be in that specific location’s target audience 7 to 10 years into the future.
Intuition is stronger than intellect, so at the top level of communication we work with associative images that navigate, but also build the category emotionally. The communication that supports strategic focus categories is rich and vibrant in its style. Product activation comes in different shades, but is rough in shape and works either with orange or red as a symbol color.
There were three main brand characteristics that we wanted to dramatize: 1) Easy; represented by intuitive and credible in-store navigation, 2) Generous; represented by rich category and product presentation, and 3) Enthusiasm; represented by the personal tone of voice and copy.