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Retail concept


  • Pilot opening December 2022

Skills & services

Insight & strategyRetail design & planningConcept developmentInstore communicationPilot & implementation3D visuals

Felleskjøpet or FK is the Norwegian agricultural cooperative with +100 retail stores targeting professional local farmers. 

However, to ensure future growth and revenue, FK stores also need to reach out to private consumers through an increased commercialization of their offer, while remaining true to their genuine farmer DNA . 

FK turned to Reactor for developing a retail concept of the future and to realize their first flagship store, opened in December 2022, north of Oslo, Norway.

We optimized the floorplan through a layout with greater transparency, while increasing customer awareness through tactical focal points in the customer flow. Further, we created variation in category footprints and clear contrasts between functional categories and strong brand universes to create a true destination shopping experience for professional farmers and private consumers alike.

We worked to provide clear visual evidence about what the FK strategic categories and products are, strengthen the store’s role in creating product empathy as the key product selection driver in an omni perspective. 

For farmers and gardeners alike, nothing is more important than making the most of every season.
Therefore we worked to utilize the full potential seasonal activities by reinforcing changeability and providing inspiration by simple and smart scaled activities.

We worked to simplify communication hierarchies and to clarify sales and activity communication in store to make it more easier for customers to navigate the store, but also to help them forward in the purchase decision process.

To increase service and sense of community, reinforcing the professional farmer perspective, we made ample room for storytelling, meeting places and facilities for customer activities in store.