Creating new pride and relevance for the hypermarket segment
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Coop NorgeOBS


Hypermarket brand identity and concept


  • Rebranding
  • remake and upgrade of 28 hypermarkets in Norway

Skills & services

Brand identityConcept developmentInstore communicationCustomer experienceUniform programSignage & wayfindingGuidelines & manualsConcept roll-out
Coop OBS is the dominating hypermarket chain in Norway, but saw decline in it’s performance during recent years. Coop assigned Reactor to establish new pride and relevance for the outdated OBS brand. Our work included a complete rebranding and revitalization of the brand and customer experience.
Messing about with the logo is not allowed, but there are different rules for the label. Here if it’s imaginable, it can be done, within the limits of the Obs specialist areas. The pictures cover all specialist areas and product groups, and together show the diversity of Obs.
We wanted to create a clearly defined, inspiring destination that customer would seek out. Categories have been redefined from a shopper’s perspective, with product offerings based on functionality instead of industry or logistics-driven perspective. The shop presents an ordely and manageble impression to shoppers with categories being placed in a logical manner, and the labeling is clear, which in turn makes for increased circulation in general inside the store.
The identity is strong enough to withstand seasonal flexibility. Based on the label, patterns, spice biscuits, snowmen and kitchen utensils are assembled to give a real Christmas atmosphere. The same can be done for any other season.